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Print Management Software

CZ Solution has been developing print management solutions for businesses and educational institutions of all shapes and sizes since 2003. Whether you’re running a Fortune 500 company or trying to keep order in the hallowed halls of learning, we’ve got the simple, easy-to-use print tracking and print manager software you need to track and manage your print jobs, bill your client and organize your printer queue to maximize efficiency and eliminate the confusion that can go hand-in-hand with a large assortment of print jobs.

Coca-Cola"For auditing purpose, we use CZ Print Job Tracker to monitor around 400 printers wherein 150 printers are configured locally (Configured as local printer via USB, parallel or TCP/IP port). Remaining printers are installed on print servers which are shared. CZ Print Job Tracker has allowed us to effectively keep track of all of our print jobs, help manage document output, control costs, and allocate expenses accordingly. We have been very pleased with CZ software."

- Roger Getzmann, Coca-Cola, Switzerland

Central New Mexico College"CZ Print Job Tracker has done a tremendous job on our campus of reducing printing costs. We tested a variety of print manager applications and CZ's was clearly the best solution for our needs. Their tech support has continued to help us customize their product for us and the paper and toner savings will more than pay for the software in less than a year. Based on the success of CZ’s program we are planning on using this software on two print servers, over 1000 computers, and using it in 10 separate labs at CNM."

- Francis Heise, Central New Mexico College, USA

James E. Wickson Library"Thanks for the free trial of CZ Print Release Station.  We are very happy with it. I don't know if I could have justified spend the money if I couldn't see it in action.  I know that already we have saved on many, many copies that patrons were just walking off with as well as copies they looked at, didn't like, and then threw away. I really appreciate that companies like yours develop affordable solutions for small libraries. I started out looking at some very expensive release station systems and was thrilled to find yours."

- Mary Chasseur, James E. Wickson Library, USA

New Release

CZ Print Job Tracker updated on Sep 2, 2014.

CZ Print Release Station updated on Sep 2, 2014.

CZ Copier Tracking System updated on Sep 2, 2014.

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Key Features

Simple & Easy Use

Our print manager software is designed to be simple and easy to use, even if it’s the first time you’ve been behind the wheel of a fully automated print control system.

Printer Usage & Copier Usage Tracking

Report on your printer and copier usage, track who is printing (copying), where print jobs are coming from, how much is being printed (copied), identify discrepancies and audit your printer files in a matter of minutes, without all of the headaches that made it such a chore in the first place!

Print Manager & Print Control

Use rules to easily manage and control the jobs being sent from each workstation and the amount of printing each user is permitted to do. Printing is restricted if the number of pages exceeds the maximum allowable print limit specified for a printer or user. Further restrictions can be set by user, computer, document title (e.g. restricted words), color printing, job size, day / time. Once they hit the restrictions, CZ will immediately pause or cancel their jobs automatically.

Print Quota & Print Count

Let CZ’s print manager track your user quotas and balance. When users are over the limit, their jobs are paused or cancelled until they make changes accordingly. That way, no one ever goes over their print quotas!

Enter Client Code & Job Code

With CZ tracking your printer usage you can easily use job code, client billing code or project code to handle all your client billing, using the information it’s been tracking all along. Simple. Easy. Painless. Just the way we like it!

Print Accounting

CZ's print accounting software allows you to set pre-defined charges for jobs. Charges can be set for each printer and based on number of pages, monochrome/color, single/duplex, and paper size (includes 68 standard paper sizes and 40 definable paper sizes).

Network Scan

Our printer monitor software can scan network and collect printer inventory (e.g. printer counter, toner / ink level, serial number..).

Printer Monitor

When you’ve got a office full of printers it can be very difficult to track where jobs are coming from. Our CZ printer monitor solution includes monitoring of all print servers, printers and print jobs from a single location and sends email alerts about printer errors, low toner, out of paper and when job have remained in the queue for longer than the pre-defined allowable wait time.

Add Header / Footer

A user name, computer name, day, time and page count can be added to footer or header area of any printed document.