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CZ Print Job Tracker 12 can keep track of account print quotas (number of pages assigned to users). When print quotas are exceeded, jobs are paused or canceled automatically.

Step 1. In Preferences --> Printers, set the base cost per page. For example you set the base cost per page on the black and white printer to be 0.10 and to the color printer set it to be 50% more at 0.15.

print  limit

Step 2. In Preferences --> Policies, select the following options:

  • Set initial balance for the new user to enable balance tracking

  • Deny printing if the balance is less than or equal to 0

For example: If printer base cost per page is 0.10 and print quota for each user is 200 pages, then set the initial balance 20.00. When a new user prints 5 pages of black & white, the user name will be added to Preferences -> Users / Groups automatically and the user's remaining balance is 20.00 - 5 * 0.10 = 19.50.

print quota software

The user balance can be reset base on group. In Preferences -> Users / Groups, click "Edit Group", create group like "GroupName | Balance", then assign users to group in step 3. In Preferences -> Policies -> Balance, select "Reset balance based on group", click "Now" button to reset user's balance or schedule a date to reset the user's balance automatically.

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Step 3. In Preferences --> Users / Groups, you can manually create new users, import users from Windows Active Directory or import users from a CSV file (You can manually create a few users in Preferences -> Users / Groups, click Export button to export users a CSV file. Then use MS Excel to modify the CSV file, and import the updated CSV files in Preferences -> Users / Groups). The new users can also be added to Preferences -> Users / Groups automatically when they print. Every time when users print, their balances will be deducted by the print job cost.

For example: The cost per black & white page is 0.10 and cost per color page is 0.15. You add amount 20.00 to each user in Preferences --> User / Groups.  When user prints 4 pages of b&w and 2 pages of color, then the user remaining balance is 20.00 - 4 * 0.10 - 2 * 0.15 = 19.30.

print quota

(Optional).  For the best result of "Print Quotas" feature, also try Print Confirmation or Print Authentication.


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