Online Demo - Authenticate User by PIN       print manager video


You require users to enter PIN before the print jobs actually print.

Step 1. In CZ Print Job Tracker 11 menu item "Preferences --> Advanced," select the following options:

Step 2. In Preferences --> Users / Groups, you can manually create new users, import users from Windows Active Directory or import users from a CSV file (You can manually create a few users in Preferences -> Users / Groups, click Export button to export users a CSV file. Then use MS Excel to modify the CSV file, and import the updated CSV files in Preferences -> Users / Groups). The users can also be added to Preferences -> Users / Groups automatically when they print.

Note: In Preferences -> Advanced, you can select "require to change PIN the first time it is used". When users print first time, they will be required to change the PIN.

Step 3. Install Addon_CZ Print Job Agent on client computer (Windows, Mac OSX / Classic, or Linux client computer) that require the confirmation before the print jobs will print.

For example, to install CZ Print Job Agent on Windows clients, copy "agent-setup.exe" to the client computer, double click "agent-setup.exe" to install the agent.

Step 4. Click Start -> All Programs -> CZ Solution -> CZ Print Job Agent 3.0 to run the agent. Enter the computer name or the IP Address of the computer that has CZ Print Job Tracker installed.

Step 5. When users print, they can either click Print button on the print authentication popup to print the job or click Cancel button to cancel the job.


1. If the popup doesn't appear, see FAQ 3.

2. CZ Print Job Agent will run automatically when user login next time.

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