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The addon CZ Remote Account Manager allows you to add, delete and edit user and billing code, update user's information such as print accounting (or print quota), group and pin remotely from any computer.

Step 1. Double click "CZ Remote Account Manager.msi" to install CZ Remote Account Manager on any computer that you can update user account information.

remote account manager

Step 2. Click Start -> All Programs -> CZ Solution -> CZ Remote Account Manager to run it. Enter the computer name or the IP Address of the computer that has CZ Print Job Tracker installed.

enter ip address

Step 3. Click button "CZ Remote Account Manager Password" to enter the password that is defined in CZ Print Job Tracker Preferences -> Print Jobs -> CZ Remote Account Manager password.

enter password

Step 4. Click button "Edit User" to update a user's information.

print accounting

update user information




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