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Print Management Software for Business and Education


print manager, print counter and  printer monitor.

   CZ Print Job Tracker 11    



CZ Print Job Tracker is a print management and accounting software package that gives you the power to monitor all printing activity throughout your company. With this awesome utility by your side, you'll be able to control who is printing, see how much is being printed, and identify and control the cost of printing across your entire organization!

Installation requires no changes to network, printer, or workstation settings! Once installed, you'll be able to use CZ Print Job Tracker to monitor and manage print usage down to the INDIVIDUAL USER, to the point of even controlling printing privileges by quota, file type, job size, and many other criteria. You can even have print jobs automatically deleted if they don't meet your defined hours of use (in other words, no more early morning or late night "personal print jobs").

CZ Print Job Tracker can generate detailed reports of print usage, either emailed to your inbox, exported as PDF, Word, Excel and rich text, or made available to you using any web browser. Plus, CZ Print Job Tracker can archive a copy of every completed, pending, and deleted print job for your later review.

CZ Print Job Tracker can acquire, track, and report all information related to a print job, including the name of the user, workstation computer name, destination printer name, print document name, print request time and date, page set up, color, paper size, print job size, number of printed pages and number of pieces of paper consumed.

CZ Print Job Tracker is currently in use at thousands of companies and educational organizations. They've stopped wasting money on unnecessary print jobs -- now it's your turn!

CZ Print Job Tracker lets you:

  • Monitor printer usage across your entire organization!
  • Set strict controls on printer access and usage, down to the individual user.
  • Reduce your costs associated with unnecessary print jobs.

Who Needs CZ Print Job Tracker?

You do if you've ever:

  • Needed to implement a way to reduce your company's printing costs.
  • Wanted to identify the handful of culprits in your organization that abused their printing privileges.
  • Needed a way to account for print jobs so that they may be billed to a client.


Easy Use (Even for the Most Devoted Techno-Phobe)

Our print manager software is designed for ease of use, even if it’s the first time you’ve been behind the wheel of a fully automated print control system. With CZ Solution’s complete print tracking and management protocols you’ll have no trouble tracking print jobs, monitoring printer usage, tracking client accounts and organizing print projects from a single, easy-access location.

Easy Protection

Security is a key concern for today’s businesses. To keep your printer safe we’ve packed additional security protocols into all of our print management software solutions, including:

  • Assigned usernames
  • Usage tracking protocols
  • Individual PIN numbers
  • Limited printer access to non-assigned users


Easy Audit

With people coming and going and projects running on your printer all day long, auditing your print logs can be more trouble than it’s worth! Using CZ Solution’s print audit resources you can track and report on your printer usage, identify discrepancies and audit your printer files without any of the hassle you’ve come to associate with your print audit.


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