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Library Printing


Printing at the library is no joke. You never know when your print job is going to go through and you never know when exactly you’re goingto get your paper. Luckily, there’s a solution most librarians have put in place to take care of issues with printing in the library. 

Print management for public libraries allows them to allow you and other people who frequent the library to print their documents with ease of mind and as quickly as they possibly can so that they can get back to their other business and ventures.  

Public libraries don’t usually have a print quota for each individual visitor, because usually you pay a tiny fee for the right to print. It is either by page or just for the whole printing process in order to pay for supplies. However, you usually aren’t permitted to print more than a certain amount, print quota or no print quota. But print monitoring can help determine who is printing what from where to which printer, in case someone decides to pay a certain amount and then print more. (However, you could just hold their print jobs until they finally cough up the nickel or dime, but sometimes that can be a hassle and hard to keep up with.) 

On the other hand, you could give each visitor a print quota of zero and then authorize each page they are permitted to print as they pay the fee. If they need more, simply withhold their documents. It’s easier than holding the document and waiting for them to pay you, and a lot less likely to result in an altercation or disturbance of peace for the other patrons. 

Print management software makes printing easier in the library. Print monitoring also allows you to determine which printer has the most use and therefore you are able to restock the printer accordingly, something you would be unable to do without print management software. It also gives you a better idea of which printer needs to be repaired before the others due to its wear and tear throughout the working quarters.

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CZ Solution has been developing innovative print management software solutions since 2003. Our mission is to provide easy-to-use print management solutions for today's complex printing environments. Our products help automate and simplify the administration of printing and reduce printing cost. Our core products are CZ Print Job Tracker and CZ Print Release Station.

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