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  • Download CZ Print Management Software price buy license Print Management Software for Libraries and Education
  • Download CZ Print Management Software price buy license Print Software
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Easy to Use Print Manager & Monitor

CZ Solution has been building print management solutions for businesses and educational facilities of all shapes and sizes since 2003. Regardless of whether you’re managing a Fortune 500 company or own a small business with merely a couple of workers, we’ve got the simple, easy-to-use print manager and monitor software you need to keep track of and control your print jobs, bill your customer, set up your printer queue to optimize efficiency and and get rid of the distress that can go manually with a large range of print jobs.


Coca-Cola"For auditing purpose, we implement CZ Print Job Tracker to track around 400 printers in which 150 are set up locally with USB, parallel or TCP/IP port. Other are set up on print servers which are shared. CZ has allowed us to effectively record all of our print jobs, make it easier to deal with document output, reduce costs, and distribute expenses consequently. We have been satisfied with CZ."

- Roger Getzmann, Coca-Cola, Switzerland

Central New Mexico College"CZ Print Job Tracker has done a tremendous job on our college campus of lowering printing costs. We evaluated several different print manager software and CZ's was certainly the best solution for all our needs. Their technical support has continued to assist us customize their product and the paper and toner savings are more than spend on the application in less than a year. In accordance with the good results of CZ’s program we are planning on using this program on two print servers, more than 1000 computers, and 10 independent labs at CNM."

- Francis Heise, Central New Mexico College, USA

Midwood High School"We have been progressing nicely with the CZ Print Job Tracker and we are very pleased with it. We now are able to help students with research or school work instead of just dealing with the printers. It has really made a tremendous impact on the library. Students like it too. It prevents a few students from abusing the library privileges. We are no longer kinkos clerks--we are real librarians."

- Arlene Morales, Librarian, USA

James E. Wickson Library"Thanks for the free trial of CZ Print Release Station. We are really happy with it. I'm not sure if I could have justified invest the money if I could not see it in action. I know that already we've saved on many, many copies that patrons were just walking off with as well as copies they looked at, didn't like, and then threw away. I truly appreciate that companies like yours create inexpensive solutions for small libraries. I started out looking at some very costly release station systems and it was excited to find yours."

- Mary Chasseur, James E. Wickson Library, USA

American University of Rome"The Release Station has made a big impact at The American University of Rome. Before installing Release Station our printing system was very unreliable resulting in excessive paper waste. Now we run three user-mode "Release-Stations" in two computer labs. Our paper waste has decreased by 40% when compared to figures of three years ago, notwithstanding a 20% increase in our student body. The American University of Rome now has 550 students from all over the world, and we will continue to use Release Station to manage our printing services."

- Salvatore S., American University of Rome, Italy

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Key Features

User-Friendly Print Management

This popular print management software is created to be easy and simple to make use of, even if it’s the first time you’ve been in control of a entirely robotic printer control solution.

Print Tracking & Log

Our print tracking software can capture all information related to printing, including: number of pages, date and time submitted, user name, computer name, printer name, document name, color, paper size and job size.

Print Control & Restriction

Use policies to quickly handle and control the jobs being created from each workstation and also the amount of printing each individual user is allowed to make. Printing is not allowed whenever the quantity of pages goes beyond the utmost permitted print limit allocated for a print job or user. More limitations can be placed by individual, workstation, document identify, color, size, working day. Whenever they hit the restrictions, CZ will automatically halt or cancel their jobs.

Print Quota & Limit

Let CZ’s print manager track your user quotas and account balance. When users are over the limit, their jobs are halted or cancelled until they make changes accordingly. As a result, no one ever goes above their print quotas!

Print Accounting

CZ's print accounting tool enables you to set pre-defined charges for jobs. Rates can be set for each printer by quantity of pages, white and black/color, single side/duplex, and paper size (70 standard paper sizes and 40 self-definable paper sizes).

Printer Counter & Toner / Ink Monitor

Our printer management program allows you to scan your network automatically and quickly gather inventory (e.g. printer counter, toner / ink cartridge level, serial number..).

Use PIN Code

The authentication agent allows for the prompting of user ID and the PIN code before printing is allowed.

Use Client Code & Job Code

With CZ keeping track of your printer usage you can easily work with job code, client billing code or task code to manage all your customer charging, with the information it’s been tracking all along. Simple. Straightforward. Painless. Just the way we enjoy it!

Track Copier Usage & Consumption

Report on all of your printer as well as photocopier usage, maintain a record of who is printing (copying), where print jobs are coming from, amount of pages is being printed (copied), recognize discrepancies and review the printed documents just in minutes, without having all of the complications that got it a really unpleasant task in the first place!

Printer Status Monitor

At the time you’ve had a office stuffed with printers it may be quite challenging to keep track of where jobs are coming from. Our CZ printer monitor tool involves tracking of all print servers, printers and print jobs from one location and delivers email alerts regarding printer problems, low cartridge toner, out of paper and when job have remained in the queue for longer than the predefined delay time.

Add Watermark / Header / Footer

A user name, computer name, day, time as well as page count can be put into footer or top area of any printed file.