Online Demo - Print Tracking / Print Management - Users Send the Print Jobs to the Printer by the IP Address of Printer or the Local USB or LPT Printer        print manager video


Users send the print jobs to the printer directly via the IP address of the printer or to the printer that is connected to their workstations locally via cable (USB, LPT or others).

In this demo, we use two computers. CZ Print Job Tracker is installed on one computer with computer name: server1. The other computer's name is client1. On the computer \\client1, it has two printers. One is direct IP printer: HP LaserJet 8150 Series PCL6, the other is workstation locally connected printer via USB cable: Lexmark X125.

print monitor 1

Step 1. Download and extract the 30-day trial version of CZ Print Job Tracker, then double click czpjt-setup.exe to install CZ Print Job Tracker on the computer \\server1.

Step 2. Click Start -> All Programs -> CZ Solution -> CZ Print Job Tracker 11 to run CZ Print Job Tracker for the first time. If Preferences window doesn't appear, click menu Print Jobs -> Preferences.

Step 3. Click Advanced tab, select the following options and click Save, and then click Exit.

Step 4.  In Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Services --> CZ Print Job Tracker, change the Local System Account to your account that is currently logged into this computer and with which you installed the CZ Print Job Tracker software, then restart the CZ Print Job Tracker service. If CZ Print Job Tracker is not listed in Services, click CZ Print Job Tracker menu Tools -> Install CZ Print Job Tracker service.

windows service

Step 5. Install Addon_CZ Print Job Agent on client computer (Windows only) that has USB or LPT printer connected, double click "setup.exe" to install the agent. The add-on CZ Print Job Agent can also be installed silently using Windows Group Policy.

Step 6. Click Start -> All Programs -> CZ Solution -> CZ Print Job Agent 3.0 to run the agent. Enter the computer name (in this example: server1) or the IP Address of the computer that has CZ Print Job Tracker installed.


1. CZ Print Job Agent will be started automatically when user login next time.

2. Modify Silent_Installation\CZ Print Job Agent.msi package to include the name or IP address of the computer where you installed CZ Print Job Tracker 11, so you don't have to enter it manually when you run CZ Print Job Agent the first time on each workstation. Visit Step 1 of Windows Group Policy how to Orca to modify CZ Print Job Agent.msi .

Step 7. From the computer \\client1, send a print job to the direct IP printer: HP LaserJet 8150 Series PCL6 and and send another print job to locally connected printer: Lexmark X125. The print jobs are tracked in CZ Print Job Tracker -> Printed Jobs. These two printers will be added to the list of monitored printers automatically in CZ Print Job Tracker Preferences -> Printers. Note: The "IP_" means the direct IP printer. The "Local_" means workstation connected printer via USB, LPT or other cables.

If the print jobs sent to the direct IP printer or workstation locally connected printer are not tracked, see FAQ 3.

Step 8. Click CZ Print Job Tracker menu Print Jobs -> View Report or double click the shortcut "CZ Print Job Report 4.0" on the desktop to run CZ Print Job Report, then connect to the default database C:\Program Files\CZ Solution\CZ Print Job Tracker\PrintSaver.mdb.


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